Nobra3D was initially created to offer my 3D-printed designs to other Tesla owners who also felt like the already magnificent car could use some improvements. As soon as i created a shop online i decided it would be nice to offer more products desired by Tesla and other EV owners.

Designing products and making them possible to print on a ordinary 3D-Printer requires some effort and the actual printing is time consuming.

The goal is not to make a profit from NoBra but cover the the expenses generated by the site, 3D-design and printing. NOBRA3D NICLAS OLE BRANNFJELL is a registered company in Norway.

The equipment i use to print is:

Ultimaker 3

Original Prusa i3 MK2s – upgraded to MK2.5S

Vivedino Raptor 2.0

Creality CR-10S5

The materials

Impact PLA (Brand: Fiberology, supplier Polyalkemi)

Prints like PLA, just hotter. Strong with decent thermal properties, replaced ABS for me.

PETG (Brand: 3DNet, supplier 3DNet)

I consider PETG the best 3D-printing material, far supperior to the more commonly used PLA. PETG is fairly strong, flexible and resonably resistant to heat while PLA is on the other hand is fairly strong but less flexible and less heat resistant. PETG and PLA are both considered easy to print with.

ASA (Brand: Fillamentum, supplier E3Printable)

While PETG is my favourit material i also use a lot of ASA because of the many great colours and its excellent UV-resistance. ASA is a very strong and resistant to heat. ASA does not print as easy as PETG and will in many cases curl/warp during cooldown after printing. It seems to me that more heat resistant materials are harder to print.

Suppliers & Partnerships

I get my materials and equipment from either PolyAlkemi, 3DNet AS or E3Printable.

Since the printing process is slow and my two 3D-Printers sometimes have a lot of work cut out for them I also have a partnership with another 3D-Print shop called uUnknown. A little competition is nice and we share our experiences towards making both better.