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My first “creation” and the reason i started NoBra. Since the original solution was terrible i decided to design new supports for my Samsung S7 so it would fit in the center console. By the time i sat down to design the solution my S7 Edge took a stroll down the stairs, three floors, and of course the screen broke. With my new S8 i also needed to add USB-C in the design and that how this docking started.

Since i made all the designs from nothing replacing USB-C with lightning or Micro-USB was easy and my cable-suppliers have Lightning and Micro USB that fits almost without making any changes in the 3d-design. Some deep cases requires me to lift the connector slightly and then it works great. My default design raises it 2mm further up than Teslas original lightning/micro-usb would.

Making the phone dock easy requires the supports on either side to be just right, with my 3D model i can adjust them according to the exact measurements of any phone including any protective casing. Lucky for me a lot of people use the same phones with or without the same casing and most phones are almost the same size. The phones usually range from 68mm (iPhone and Samsung without covers) to 81mm (iPhone+ with leather casing). The largest Iˋve encountered to date is 85mm and leaves just a little bit of support on each side.

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