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Model X hitch cover

Ever since I started selling 3D-Printed items for Teslas people have requested this item. A hitchcover for use when the hitch is on. I very much need one for my own car and the design process was started long ago but never finished because of a few challenges that I dont know how to solve.

1. The cover needs to be bigger than any of my printers can print. By my measurement the cover, in the longest axis, is 42cm long and most printers can handle 20x20x20. Solution: Buy another printer. There is actually a resonably cheap printer availible now that prints 50x50x50 (CR-10-5S) wich retails at 10.999 NOK. The stock option does not include a heatbed large enough so it will need some upgrading. (30×30 is default heatbed, but this print will require 50×50 heatbed as well)

2. The cover needs to mount easily while still covering as much as possible to avoid “smutz” Solution: Trail and error, will require many prints to find a good solution, very time consuming work.

3. While covering we still need the power for the trailer or whatever is connected to the hitch. Solution: Unknown…

4. The security-wire needs to be easily attatched and removed. Solution: Put the wire on the hitch, not recommended – seen some bad accidents in Norway with the entire hitch falling off. Will look for better options…


The first version of the cover will likely not adress problem 3 & 4. Most of the time i have a ski or bike rack on my hitch without the need for a power cable or security wire… And towards the final product its only logical to first solve 1 & 2 properly.


Today I’m adding Tesla X Hitch Cover as a pre-order product. Pre-ordering does not obligate you to buy it later, but it gives you a spot in the line in case many people want it. Also makes it easier for me to know how high in demand they are… Pre-Ordering will also give you a notification once the product is ready!

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