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Wheel hubs for Polar PH Turbin / any rims

For a while now I’ve been working on some wheel hubs for Polar Turbin wheels. Aside from the Tesla Original wheels i think these are the most common in Norway and a lot of the owners want some wheel hubs that look better than the Polar-original ones.

After a few requests and some browsing online I decided to make something…


Sindre Langberg

The design itself isn’t a problem, however making sure it’s a perfect fit requires some testing.¬†Whenever something related to rims or tires comes up I contact the guy in Norway with the most experience and knowledge about Tesla & rims/tires. Sindre Langberg runs Tempe Dekkservice in Trondheim and has been a Tesla owner for many years now owning a Model S back when it was brand new and now a Model X. Sindre printed an earlier version of the wheel hub and tried it on one of the rims. The hub fits well.


Possibly the most exposed part of our car is the rims, maybe not the hubs themselves but the rims endure a lot. During washing we expose them to all kind of strong chemicals designed to dissolve all kinds of stuff. This is very it becomes tricky to make good 3D-Printed hubs and like i said earlier, the design is not the hard part. After trying a couple of different approaches I believe the only decent solution is to put a protective coating/paint on the hubs. Printing them in ASA or PETG gives them good resistance to most of the ordinary external factors like sun and moist, but chemicals will dissolve and make the plastic porous which will make it break. Clear-coating them would make all the difference in the world.

Post-Print proccessing

For durability clear-coating is required and since most of us would like the hubs in a color either matching the car, rims or some of the details on our car I believe painting them is the right way to go. For those who want a logo in a different color that can easy be applied since i decided on making the hub in one piece while the logo is added later from behind. Before applying any kind of paint or clear-coat i need the surface to be perfect, this will require a significant amount of sanding. Using a machine i can sand any flat surface, but once it gets rounded machines doesn’t cut it… Yesterday I had a small revelation, yes they do happen, and i spent 30 minutes last night designing a tool to solve my troubles… I’ll print a tool for my screwdriver so it can rotate the wheel hubs while I sand them down.

Paint and Clear-Coat will most likely be applied by my father who runs a paint-shop (more about that later when my Model X goes in for a repaint). I’m the least worried about the paint-job for the final product after other issues have been solved.

When are they ready and what’s the cost?

While everyone waits i hope you will buy lots of stuff in my shop… And I expect the wheel hubs to be ready for shipping before Santa knocks on the door. Price is always interesting and I expect to offer this product in packs of 5 units (1 spare) somewhere in between 500 and 1000 NOK with tax and shipping included. Perhaps I’ll release a version with a lower finish at 500 and one with Original and custom color combinations in the higher end of the scale.


Some images from earlier prints below, first printed version, in 3 parts:






Later updated, now just in two parts:

To the left in 2 parts and the other one is just me playing around with some settings
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