Options to customize your car

Phone supports can be ordered in different colors to add a custom touch to your interior. Our default printing color is black, however for a little extra you can choose different colors. On this page you can see our options.

Winter EditionĀ includes both black and the Winter Edition Color option. Since Winter Edition Colors are made from PLA I decided to include black along with the Winter Edition color. PLA starts to become soft around 50C and inside a car the temperatures can get high really fast. The included black supports are PETG and can resist a lot more heat than PLA.

If E3Printable.No has any colors you want rather than the ones in my store they can be added as a Winter Edition-option on your request.

Winter Edition Color options:

WE: Rapunzel Silver
WE: Gold Happens
Winter Edition: Gold Happens & Rapunzel Silver


Ordinary Colors options:

Metallic Grey
Traffic Yellow
Traffic Red
Sky Blue
Green Grass
Traffic White