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These supports mounts to your center console like Tesla original phone supports would. The main difference is that these supports are customized to support your phone. The supports that, sometimes, come included with the car doesn’t really fit any phone known to me. By measuring your phone width the printed phone supports give a snug fit making it easy to put your phone into the docking even while driving.

Phone slides nicely into the docking

Winter Edition is special colors printed in PLA. Since PLA is less heat resistant they might become soft in high temperatures. Winter Edition colors also include set of supports in heatresistant black PETG.

Tesla docking

Så enkelt kan det bli, dock telefonen mens du kjører uten problem. USB-C, Micro-USB og Lightning dock for Tesla Model S og X.Gratis frakt i en begrenet periode våre andre tilbud i nettbutikken deriblant gaveinnpakning

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Black, Traffic Red (+49), Green Grass (+49), Metallic Grey (+49), Traffic Yellow (+49), Sky Blue (+49), Winter Edition Gold (+149), Winter Edition Silver (+149)


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